Increasingly, Human-Computer Interaction researchers are recognizing the opportunities and challenges of designing with and for people living with dementia. Recent critiques have called attention to the predominantly negative positioning of aging and dementia in technology and design research. The second CHI HCIxDementia workshop will focus on engagement with and by people living with dementia. Through interactions with local community organizations and people living with dementia, workshop attendees will gain a greater understanding of complexities of the condition and recognize design possibilities. Building on open questions from the CHI 2017 workshop, we will address how the HCI Community can facilitate people living with dementia to engage with research, industry, as leaders, and the community.

For more information and the workshop schedule, please see our workshop proposal.

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Important Dates:

Submission Deadline
February 2nd 2018
February 16th 2018

February 22nd 2018

Workshop Dates
April 21st-22nd 2018

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